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our vision

A team who passionately believe that post-trade systems can be attractive, elegant and easy to use.
Unrivalled knowledge of FMI operations.

We bring together unrivalled knowledge of FMI operations with highly experienced designers and developers.

  • Avenir systems do not need user manuals. Information is presented clearly. Processing options are distinctly presented. All important information and tasks requiring action are laid out on a dashboard (and updated in real time) so that the user knows exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

  • Using modern development techniques and responsive design, Avenir can be accessed via any modern mobile device as well as via a browser on a computer. Our mobile solutions are not a cut down version – they behave identically whether you access them from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Avenir systems are truly device agnostic.

  • Security is paramount – the Avenir system contains important and sensitive data. We are bank-like in our approach to security. User access is strictly controlled via passwords, pass-phrases and user permissions. Additional authentication methods including Two-Factor (SMS), LDAP, and OAuth are available.

  • Our use of modern open source technologies allows us to deliver faster and at less cost than the competition. Massive Weblogic and Oracle licensing costs should be a thing of the past. We support all industry standard protocols including FIX, 15022, and more.


A team who share the passion and belief that post-trade systems can be attractive, elegant and easy to use.


Over the years Stuart has learned all there is to know about FMI systems – he has implemented them, operated them and he is now building them.


Martyn has a background in markets and loves solving business problems with smart IT solutions.


Ferry has a deep and natural understanding of digital technology and computers. His design and development expertise is making Avenir the real-time, beautiful system that it is.

Iain Walker

Commodity Product Owner
Iain has a background in web and enterprise software development and loves the technical challenges presented by modern trading and settlement systems.

Simon Smith

Clearing Expert
Simon has a background in risk and control across banking, markets and regulation. He is passionate about continuous improvement through connecting business and IT

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Mark Newbery


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